Disney VTC Meeting

A video teleconference with two screens for an internal company meeting

For this event, I was responsible for building both the audio and video systems, as well as operating the event.  There were six wireless microphones, a podium microphone, and two computers.  Each screen was to get a separate source (one computer on each), and the feeds needed to go to the VTC system, as well.  An Analog Way Pulse was used to convert the SDI signal from two Desemators to DVI for the VTC feeds.  The two Desemators were sourced from the computers on stage, and in addition to converting to SDI, the HDMI out was also used to feed the projectors.

3x Shure wireless lav microphones
3x Shure wireless handheld microphones
Mackie 24-channel mixer
Analog Way Pulse
Desemator scaler/converter
2x 9×16 Rear-projected screens
2x 7k projectors (0.8 lenses)

This work was performed as a Technical Specialist for PSAV