2016 PMA Fresh Summit

A three-day event at the Orange County Convention Center with general sessions, breakout rooms, and an expo hall

During this three-day expo, I was responsible for three office locations, four email stations, two looping video screens, and the assembly of ten mobile device charging stations.

Staff Lounge

One office location (the staff lounge) had three public terminals attached to a networked printer and one private office with a computer and multifunction printer/copier/fax.  Another office (the expo management office) had two public terminals and two private office terminals, all attached to a networked printer.  The last office (the finance office) was a single terminal and printer.  Each terminal consisted of a laptop computer, an eternal monitor, a wireless keyboard and mouse, and Cat6 to a switch for Internet and printer access.

Email Stations

The four email stations were running SiteKiosk, and were restricted for Internet use only.  Each station was configured to display an idle loop until the keyboard or mouse detected an input.  After two minutes of no use, the terminal would return to the idle loop and clear the usage history.  Each console consisted of a laptop computer, external monitor, wired keyboard and mouse, and Cat6 to a switch for Internet access.

Tech Solutions Wall

The Tech Solutions Wall had two televisions mounted on a printed surface with looping video content from the sponsors.  They were driven by two laptop computers using media player software.

Charging Stations

For the ten charging stations, I was responsible for branding them with the proper sponsor decals.  Each unit had four decals of varying sizes that needed to be applied smoothly.  I also ensured that the media playing on the internal signage player matched the branding on the outside.

This work was performed as a Technical Specialist for PSAV